chelle body refreshes your skin

Our kit comes with a 100% canvas mitt and exfoliating polish. Remove dry skin, oil buildup, and ingrown hairs with just one mitt.

how to use your deep exfoliation kit

Step One

Soak your skin in warm water for 5 minutes. Make sure it feels like it's comfortable for you to exfoliate! You don't want your skin to be dry.

Step Two

Wet your canvas mitt and rub the exfoliating polish against it until you have a good amount on the mitt.

Step Three

Rub the mitt against your damp skin and watch your dead skin roll away!

"I can't believe how much dry skin I SHED!

"How did I not know about this sooner?" - Jessie S.

"My skin has never been this smooth!

"It really helped with my strawberry skin." - Sarah M.

unbox your new skin!

Two easy steps, one new you! The mitt + polish combo are unstoppable when it comes to new fresh skin.