About Us

We're shaking up the skincare world with the newest deep exfoliator. 

Deep physical exfoliation was used by the ancient Persian empire for thousands of years. Women and men would spend hours lounging and bathing in bathhouses to beautify themselves. As part of their treatment, they would use a deep exfoliator to remove dirt and dry skin for a brighter, smoother appearance. The chelle exfoliation kit uses a similar technique with the introduction of a vegan-friendly exfoliator stone that peels away dry skin and adds moisture. 

Our mission at chelle body is to design no-fuss skincare products that actually work to improve the condition of your skin. 

Here are some of the many benefits to deep exfoliation: 

  • smoother softer skin
  • lymphatic drainage
  • increased circulation
  • reduced ingrown hairs
  • reduced keratoris pilaris

Proven Results

Our proven exfoliation method uses a 100% organic canvas mitt and exfoliation stone to visibly remove dry skin. Our mitt and stone combination are the strongest exfoliation + moisturizing product that remove stubborn dry and rough skin. 


The chelle body mitt is made to last with a double layer of 100% organic canvas material ensuring your mitt will stay in tack through many showers and washes.

Cost Effective

No more wasting money on scrubs that don't work, and leave scratches the top layer of your skin. Simply grab your mitt and stone, and gently rub your skin after exposure to hot water for 5 minutes. Watch the dead skin peel right off! 

Low Waste

We've kept our packaging minimal to reduce negative effects on the environment. We use 100% recyclable cardboard and our products do not create unnecessary waste.