our story

As long-time friends, Rashel & Gloria partnered to create a mission-focused brand to help people feel great in their skin with products that are impactful. 

In 2021, Gloria was complaining about having dry skin during the humid summer months. Rashel introduced her to an incredible product that changed her skin forever! That product is now known as the chelle body exfoliation kit. Little did they know, this small exchange of skincare tips among two good friends, was the beginning of chelle body.

our mission

At chelle body, we’re creating no-fuss skincare products with simple ingredients that work with your first application. We believe skincare should be accessible to everyone, no gate keeping, no secrets.

Backed by a planet-friendly and vegan ethos, our kits make it easy to enjoy the spa-like benefits of exfoliating at home without creating excess waste. Our chelle body exfoliation kit is the first of its kind; by pairing an exfoliation mitt with a polishing stone your skin gets instant exfoliation and great results in one application.


- Rashel & Gloria 💛