About Us



At chelle body, we’re creating no-fuss skincare products with simple ingredients that actually work (and look good!). Backed by a planet-friendly and vegan ethos, our kits make it easy to enjoy the spa-like benefits of exfoliating rituals at home without creating excess waste. Our exfoliation kit is the first of its kind; by pairing an exfoliation mitt with a polishing bar your skin gets instant exfoliation and great results in one application. 



As women and long-time friends, Rashel & Gloria don’t shy away from sharing their beauty secrets. So when Gloria was struggling with dry skin, Rashel was more than ready to help a girl out, and sent her a sample of what is now called the chelle body exfoliation kit. Gloria needed a product that was easy-to-use, featured simple ingredients, and most importantly that worked. Little did they know, this small exchange of skincare tips, was the beginning of chelle body. 


Their hallmark chelle body exfoliation kit uses a similar technique to that of Persian bathing rituals with the introduction of a vegan-friendly exfoliator polish that removes dry flaky skin, softens, moisturizes, and reduces ingrown hair. Most importantly, it’s a simple beauty solution, backed by simple ingredients and a sustainable edge that is good for both people and planet.


Today, chelle body’s earth conscious and vegan ethos invites us to explore effective beauty without the harmful chemicals in a way that empowers – like a spa retreat for your body and soul. With self-love infused in every aspect of chelle body, our hope is to help you discover sustainable, no-fuss skincare to truly love your skin. Welcome! 


- Rashel Hariri & Gloria Chik, Co-founders chelle body