"I feel like I found the holy grail for exfoliation. It's weird but I find it oddly satisfying watching my dry skin peel off."
- Sarah Abedian

"This is the best product I've tried this year. I used it for a month, and literally the mitt is still in good condition and I have a lil bit of the exfoliation stone left."
- Michelle Davis

"Really y'all should charge more for this. My feet have never looked this smooth, not even after a pedi."
- Jamillet Thomson

"cute packaging, great product, and the BEST exfoliation of my life. No crap."
- Janet Sahfari

"When my wife bought my this, my first thought was "what is this? and why?" but after using it I realized why she got it for me haha my skin is smooth now. Whatever keeps her close, ya know. "
- John Bosson

"Great product. Really good exfoliation, and the stone lasts a looong time."
- Angela Dickson

"No complaints. It works, now I need to get my hands on more. I'm stocking up!"
- Kaur Kolani

"I really like the exfoliation and the fact that the product is eco-friendly. I literally had almost zero waste. "
- Carey Angela

"Can I give this 10 stars? Because it was the only thing that removes my fake tan and helps me prep for my next tan application. Also, the stone smells nice."
- Sylvia Momen